Rivers and Trails

Rivers of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness

All three rivers in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness are protected as National Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Illinois River The Illinois River begins south of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and then flows north just outside the eastern boundary of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. It flows through the northern end of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness before joining the Rogue River.

Chetco River The Chetco begins in the Kalmiopsis and 44% of it’s watershed is protected by the Kalmiopsis Wilderness. Once it leaves the wilderness it flows through beautiful canyons before entering the Pacific Ocean in the town of Brookings.

North Fork of the Smith River The North Fork of the Smith River begins in the Southwest corner of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness and forms the Southwest border of the wilderness.

Baldface Creek, Rough and Ready Creek, Josephine Creek, Canyon Creeks, Silver Creek, and Indigo creeks are eligible Wild and Scenic Rivers just outside of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

Trails of the Kalmiopsis Wilderness

Trans-Kalmiopsis Route

Kalmiopsis Rim Trail